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Able Construction (Northern) Ltd is committed to the development of environmental solutions and to improve on environmental best practice. The company is also committed to minimising our impacts and effects on the local and global environment.


Continual monitoring and reporting help's us achieve our aims and objectives, which are as follows: -


  • To undertake environmental assessments on all our projects prior to commencement. This ensures regulatory and local bylaws are complied with.

  • Development of practical and coherent plans on how to manage the results of the assessments.

  • Liaison with local communities and to develop acceptable solutions wherever possible.

  • Minimise the effects of noise, dust and inconvenience to those affected by our works.

  • Actively encourage all our employees to consider how to reduce waste, reuse or recycle prior to disposal.

  • Recognise the importance of training and updating our employees on environmental best practice.

  • Where there is opportunity, we aim to influence the client on positive environmental solutions.

  • To comply with the legal requirements and adopt good monitoring systems to maintain compliance.

  • During our projects, we aim to protect important wildlife habitats and archaeological sites.

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